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It’s no secret that funds and resources for non-profits are becoming more and more limited. GEO Funders, an organization that helps grantmakers learn the best practices of the industry, recently published a study in which they state that non-profits are struggling, primarily because government funding has either been cut or constantly delayed. This is a major reason why we created our nonprofit web design services to align specifically with the financial needs of non-profits.

Non-profits don’t have to solely rely on government funding to acquire the capital and resources they need to operate, though. In fact, most non-profit organizations strongly depend on fundraising to make ends meet. This is why digital marketing and SEO for nonprofits should be at the forefront of your efforts.

nonprofit web design
seo for nonprofits

Strategies for Non-Profit Fundraising

The biggest issue for any non-profit is garnering enough positive exposure to generate interest in what the organization does and what it needs to keep going. In order to make a real impact, you’ve got to show people why your organization is important and how it is helping to better the lives of people, animals, the environment, or whatever it may be your non-profit supports. The best methods of reaching a massive number of individuals and gain new contributors are social media and email, but before that you have to have a cutting edge website, which is hwy our nonprofit web design services are so important.

With social media, you can have a large platform to express your non-profit’s mission and generate interest in your cause. Using various forms of media and advertising your group can grow immensely by establishing a presence on major sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We can help develop effective social media marketing campaigns for you that will put you in front of people that care, this partnered with our SEO for nonprofits service ensures your getting your message out to the community.

Email is another excellent medium to use for marketing a non-profit organization. You can create a list of subscribers that are happy to read valuable content that your organization provides in the form of infographics, videos, and more. Lindsey Interactive can assist you with your email marketing by helping you drive traffic and collect emails from targeted readers.

Why Lindsey Interactive Should Be Your First Choice

While there are certainly tons of marketing firms to choose from, Lindsey Interactive stands out from the crowd. We offer completely customized digital marketing strategies that will help you expand your non-profit’s reach more effectively than any cookie-cutter plan offered by the other guys. Plus, we’re easier to work with in terms of price, as we offer discounts to non-profits. We don’t require you to lock-in to a long-term contract. We understand that money is tight. That’s why we offer all our services on a month-to-month basis.

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