Digital Marketing & Healthcare SEO

It’s no secret that people in the United States are more concerned about their health than ever before. It has become quite obvious considering all of the attention fitness tracking devices and workout programs have been receiving the past couple of years. Which is why healthcare SEO services are important to businesses in the health and fitness industry!

According to the IHRSA, an association that represents more than 9,000 health and fitness businesses in multiple countries, the industry is booming. They state that the number of facilities, including gyms, YMCAs, community centers, and more, is up by more than 6.4% over last year. Plus, they also report that the total industry revenue jumped a respectable 7.4% since 2014. With people focusing more on their overall health, now is the best time to start heavily promoting your business via digital marketing.

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Healthcare SEO and Medical SEO

Whether you’re trying to generate new sign-ups for your gym or develop interest in the newly developed fitness tracker, digital marketing and healthcare SEO can help expand the reach of your business immensely. A wide variety of highly effective tactics can help you reach new customers and make a huge impact in this highly competitive industry.

Email marketing is easily one of the best options for any health or fitness company. By simply offering a free pass to your gym, a mini-guide to health & nutrition, or even a simple newsletter packed with weekly fitness tips you can build a massive list of people that are more than happy to pay for what you have to offer. Our email marketing services will help you tap into your targeted audience and generate sales.

Press releases are another viable marketing method for this industry. A well-crafted release can help get your business’ name in front of a huge audience. This method works for both local and national marketing, too. Our content management team can help draft a high-performance press release that will land in front of thousands and net you some serious, highly-qualified leads.

Why Lindsey Interactive is the Best Choice

The team at Lindsey Interactive is experienced, diligent, and remarkably creative when it comes to healthcare SEO services. We’ll help develop a marketing strategy that will rake in new clients and customers no matter if you’re running a yoga studio or trying to get a new workout program off the ground. For each client. we develop a completely customized plan that fits your goals and budget. Plus, you never have to sign on the dotted line for a lengthy contract; all of our services here are “month-to-month.”

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