High Quality Business Solutions – Affordable Low Prices

We take pride in our services, all services are performed right here in The United States, ZERO outsourcing!


Noone likes being locked into a contract, so we won't lock you into one. All of our monthly services are on a month-to-month basis and you are free to cancel anytime you want to...but you won't want to!


We take the RISK out of online marketing and away from our clients. We have created Performance Based Services that allow our clients to ONLY pay for results when they are achieved and NEVER before.


We provide our clients with a Dedicated Account Manager, this person is the one single point of contact between us and our clients. This ensure a higher level of customer service as well as quicker response times.


Our FREE Business Websites package includes free lifetime support 24/7 via Email, Live Chat, Phone, or our support ticket system.


We provide each of our FREE Business Website customers with a reliable, fast, and easy to setup web server to host their website on.


Our LIWebXpress (Free Business Website) packages come included with website maintenance, ensuring our customers can focus on their business.


Keeping your site up-to-date is important, our Free Business Website packages include monthly content business owners can you use to reach their audience.


Lindsey Interactive, LLC is an Interactive Business Solutions and Asset Management company located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We specialize in serving the businesses in the surrounding metropolitan cities such as Nashville, Louisville, Memphis, Indianapolis, Lexington, Cincinnati and many others.

We are one of the fastest growing business solution companies currently in the area. While we may have many local clients our reach doesn’t stop there. Businesses from all around the world have came to us for help in creating an online marketing strategy that will deliver measurable results.

We are a full service interactive marketing company, which means we try to help our clients form an ENTIRE online marketing strategy for our clients and not just individual pieces of it. We create strategy that are not only going to be affordable but are going to deliver our customers RESULTS.

Part of the way we are able to offer such affordable advertising and promotion services is because we are also an asset management company. We acquire and develop high quality online properties, by directly owning these properties we are able to lower the cost our clients pay for such solutions.  

Content Writing Services
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web Design & Development
Content Management

Content Management

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy that is going to lead to leads can be difficult, but it is one of, if not the most important pieces of an online marketing campaign. Our team can handle everything for you, from the strategy, to writing, even publish it for you, all for one flat monthly fee.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great strategy with basically NO risk involved for a business. Our teams handle your entire online marketing strategy from SEO, to Social Media, and more, and you have NO MONTHLY FEE to worry about and ONLY pay when we bring you results.

Lead Generation

Fresh “Targeted” Leads are the life force of any business, without them your revenue hits a road block. Our team helps you prepare and entire campaign designed to keep your sales funnel full of targeted leads through a variety of marketing channels such as SEO, Social Media, and more.

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