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It is proven that 80% of ALL businesses fail within the first 18 months of opening their doors, but why?  Through research it has been proven that 3 of the 5 reasons businesses fail is directly link to their marketing strategy….or lack there of. These businesses fail to implement a successful marketing strategy from the start and they will all give you the same reason as to why they failed to do so……The average cost of marketing a business is just TOO HIGH!

Lindsey Interactive was created to combat that exact problem. We offer quality internet marketing services at prices so affordable that any start-up business can acquire them, thus ensuring no business will fail due to inability to market their dream. We offer a full range of online marketing services such as Local SEO Packages, Social Media Marketing Plans, Monthly Website Services, National SEO Campaigns, Content Management Packages and more.

We are also one of the only digital marketing company around that provides “Pay-Per-Results”, as well as small monthly payments on most of our services. This approach not only makes overhead cost go way down, but also allows business owners to reinvest their capital into their businesses operating budget.

*We Build Your Website Free of Charge means there is no large upfront fee/additional charge for building a website, it is included in the monthly website services.

Customer Reviews

Ordered a 1000 word article as a tester and it was really impressive and just what I needed for the main article on my new site. I will be ordering more shortly. This article writer is Gold.
Adam Middleton, WarriorForum
Shawn is a fantastic article writer!! In total, I’ve ordered over 25 articles and each and every one is as good as the next… not to mention an extremely fast TAT. Thanks again man.
Ace Williams, WarriorForum
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