The Lindsey Interactive Opportunity!

Tired of working for someone else? Would you like to be your own boss? Ever wanted to own your own business? Spend more times with those you love? Travel around the world and experience different cultures? Drive a luxury vehicle such as a Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz? Well, with the Independent Sales program offered by Lindsey Interactive, now you can!

Our streamlined business model, professional and easy-to-use tools, unmatched support and outstanding compensation plan make turning your “dream” of owning your own business into a “reality”.

There has never been a better time to get started in the digital marketing industry! According to the Small Business Administration ( there are roughly 27.9 million businesses registered in The United States alone. Oddly enough, in 2016 Entrepreneur Magazine conducted a study with business owners and found that 46% (nearly half) of all businesses still don’t own a website!

Lindsey Interactive is a “full service” digital marketing agency which provides a large range of digital marketing services to our clients. We don’t only design & develop our clients websites, but we also provide long term marketing & advertising services once their website has been completed. This provides unlimited opportunity for our those participating in the sales program!

The Compensation Plan!

Direct Sales

Whenever an account managers makes a sale, they will earn a commission of 15-35% of the Gross Revenue of each sale.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Each time you advance in our compensation plan we award you a “Rank Advancement Bonus”, amounts vary between $500 – $2,000.

Contract Bonus

Anytime you get a customer to signup on a long term contract, we provide you a “Contract Bonus” of $250 or $500 depending upon the length of the contract.

Vacation Bonus

Once you reach the rank of “Gold” you begin earning entries into our quarterly 100% FREE “All Inclusive” vacations, the number of entries is based on your current rank.

Team Rank Advancement Bonus

When one of the members in your “Team” advances their rank, we will pay you a “Team Rank Advancement Bonus”, the amount varies between $5,00 – $2,000.

First Order Bonus

Lindsey Interactive pays our account managers  two “One Time” bonus of 10 – 15% of their very first orders!

Leadership Advancement Bonus

Each time you reach a new tier we award you a “Leadership Advancement Bonus”, amounts vary between $1,500 and $5,000.

Luxury Car Bonus

Once account managers reach the “Platinum Rank” we begin paying out a “Luxury Car Bonus” which varies between $500 – and $1,000 per month.

Team Commissions

Once you join our “Executive Leadership” rank you begin receiving team commissions for all account mangers under you, these commissions vary from 1 – 5% based on your rank.

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