What Exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is simply any activity that ensures a website can be easily found on search engines through keywords or phrases, relevant to the product or service the site provides. In many cases, it works as a quality control measure.


Search engine marketing (SEM) is the practice of utilizing paid advertisements on major search engines as well as optimizing websites, and other forms of content, to rank well for phrases and terms on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The main focus for most businesses, however, is rising in the rankings on Google, which, according to NetMarketShare.com, commands an astounding 66.74% of all searches globally.


Years ago, ranking in Google was relatively simple. All you had to do is repeat the keyword you wanted to rank for several times on the page and, like magic, you’d rise to the top with no trouble at all. Those days are long gone, however. Google has since drastically modified the algorithm it uses to determine where a website or page should be ranked in its search engine. Now you need high-quality content, an established domain, proper on-page optimization, links from reputable sources, a natural-looking anchor text profile, and much more to reach the first page for practically any phrase.

How Can I Benefit from SEO?

Keep in mind that 93 percent of all online experiences start with an internet search, prioritizing the most up-to-date best practices in digital marketing and SEO will be vital to the success of any website in 2017 and in the future.


Search engine marketing is a rather complex beast. Just throwing several quality articles on your sites with your targeted keywords in them doesn’t quite cut it. There’s a lot that needs to be tended to. Google ranks sites based on a plethora of factors including backlinks, on-page optimization, content quality, and tons more.


To be successful you’ve got to have every aspect of SEO covered. If you decide to hire the team at Lindsey Interactive, we can take on this massive project for you. We’ll do everything needed to ensure you obtain high rankings in the search engines.

Why Choose Lindsey Interactive?

To put it simply – we’re one of the best. Other marketing firms will take you on and just throw your campaigns through a pre-made plan. That’s unacceptable. When it comes to SEO and paid search there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” strategy. That’s why we will work with your business to create a completely customized search marketing plan that’s tailored to your business’ needs, budget, and goals.


We provide our clients with all of the following services, plus much more:

– In-Depth Keyword Research

– Comprehensive Competition Analysis

– Creation of High-Quality Web Content

– Creating Social Media Properties and Badges

– Submitting Your Site to Niche-Relevant Directories

– Develop Multiple Ads to Split Test Results

– High Quality Linking Strategy

– On-Page SEO Optimization

– Off-Page SEO Optimization

– Creating Social Signals

– Finding and Utilizing Guest Blogging Opportunities

– Developing Monthly Ranking Reports

– Generate Targeted Traffic without High CPC Rates

– Fixing Any Issues with HTML, CSS, PHP, and 404 Pages

– Proper URL Structuring

– Submitting Your Website to Search Engine Indexes

– Create Highly Effective Copy for Ads

– Perform Diligent Keyword Research

– Manage Your Monthly Ad-Spend Budget

– Contextual Link Building

We don’t offer a “one size fits all” plan when it comes to our SEO packages, each campaign is custom designed around our clients specific needs. Our SEO services are offered through retained hourly packages, which start at only $650 per month!

For information on how we can help get your SEO strategy in ordercall us at 270-904-5066 or click here to schedule a consultation!