Content Management - What Exactly Is it?

Content management (CM) is the process of facilitating the creation, organization, modification and publishing of digital content. This covers the whole lifecycle from the research stage, making content visible to viewers, managing updates, through deletion. Website content consists of text, video, images, multimedia and audio.


A content management system (CMS) is a software used to store website content, allow for easy editing, and enable multiple administrators to operate and update the same website. With CMS the development company handles the hard work while you maintain the ability to make changes as you wish.

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How Content Management Can Help You!

For instance, let’s say you wanted to make a quick product update or add an image. If your business site was coded by an outside web developer, you would have the inconvenience of having to ask them to make the small change. Rather than being held captive by their schedules, CMS eliminates the guy in the middle and allows you to be proactive at getting things done promptly. You will have an active role in making your website more compelling, more up-to the minute, and more engaging.


Websites that are built on a content management system are easily crafted. The content and design are created separately. If you get tired of the old look, it can be removed and replaced with an updated design seamlessly. CMS provides access to the most current web functions, with frequent upgrades and user training.

Why You Should Choose Lindsey Interactive!

Here at Lindsey Interactive we won’t treat you like just another project on the agenda. First up, we’ll have you speak with a dedicated account manager to determine the end-goals of your business or organization. We’ll also figure out the details of your budget during this session. Then we’ll go to work creating a customized content marketing strategy that fits your business’ needs, rather that be integration with Social Media, SEO, or a stand alone plan.


We cover all aspects of your content marketing strategy including:

  • Thorough Industry Research
  • Development of High-Quality Content
  • Management of Blogs, Websites, Microsites, etc.
  • Creation of Content for Social Media and Branded Properties
  • Video and Image Media
  • Short-Form Content Development (email copy, tutorials, Q&As, press releases)
  • Long-Form Content Development (e-books, white papers, guides, etc.)


There’s no need to worry about signing a lengthy agreement, either. Our content management/marketing plans are all setup on a pure “month-to-month” option that doesn’t lock you into anything. Not only do we offer monthly content marketing/management services, but our American writers are also able to provide you with individual article writing services as well. We ONLY use American writers ensuring that the quality of our content is top notch.


By outsourcing to us, you and your employees can spend more time on core competencies and productivity. We will handle everything. Prices start at just $85 per month for our “Bronze” package and can easily be customized to fit your needs!

For information on how we can help you with your content managementcall us at 270-904-5066 or click here to schedule a consultation!